The Bourbon

Bourbon and I have had some good times and some bad. But at the end of a long day, I seem to only be able to remember the good. There is nothing quite like sitting down after a long day of work with a glass of delicious rich bourbon on the rocks by your side.

My love for bourbon began predictably. In college I started drinking Jim Beam or Jack Daniels (yes, I know, not technically bourbon) with coca cola (NEVER PEPSI). From there I started to develop taste buds.

My first foray into real bourbon began at the Kentucky Derby. This is where I had my first taste of Woodford Reserve. And boy was I hooked after that! To this day Woodford remains one of my all time favorites.


(2013 Christmas presents)

After the races, my friends and I decided to take the scenic route home and explore the Bourbon Trail. First stop – Jim Beam. Now, if you are not a bourbon fanatic like I was not at time, you may think that the Jim Beam distillery makes only one line of bourbon… Jim Beam. However, like I was about to learn, you would be wrong. Jim Beam makes a plethora of delicious top of the line bourbons, for example: Elijiah Craig, Bookers, Bakers, Knob Creek, and my personal favorite Basil Hayden.

2862_760233967920_7444246_n 2862_760234037780_3719299_n

(Jim Beam Distillery circa 2009)

From there, our journey took us to Heaven Hill, distiller of Evan Williams among others.


(Heaven Hill  Distillery circa 2009)

And onward to Maker’s Mark…


(Maker’s Mark Distillery circa 2009)

There, sadly, our Bourbon Trail journey ended; however, my love for bourbon never would. Throughout our house renovations, good bourbon, just like Whiskey (cat), will always be our helping hand. So as I post about our DIY projects and house renos, I will occasionally post about the different bourbons that are helping keep us sane throughout this journey.

P.S. I just discovered this amazing article entitled “Behind Every Good Whisky Is a Trusty Distillery Cat” written by Ari Shapiro and posted on Check it out!



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