Updating the Fireplace

When Andy and I first moved in to our house, one of his favorite features was the actual fireplace circa 1940. Unfortunately, the fireplace looked like it was still living in 1940…


(Picture of family room prior to us buying the house)

So begins one of my first DIY house renos.

Fortunately, this was going to be a quick, cheap, and easy fix. As he often does, Andy questioned my impatience with this project. I’m a go-getter, while Andy is  a planner – AKA a let’s-stop-and-think-about-this-for-5-months guy. But luckily, my proactive attitude quickly won this battle and I was off to our local Ace Hardware store to buy some sandpaper and paint.

Now, I’m not going to lie. Sanding this hunk of wood was both tedious and arm breaking. Some I could do using our RIDGID 5in. Random Orbit Electric Sander – obviously the easier route. But the more intricate woodworking I had to do by hand with a lot of elbow grease. Of course, I asked Andy to help… but he insisted that this was my project and that I was doing a good job. Thanks babe. Sanding probably took a total of 4 hours all said and done.


After hours of back breaking work sanding the fireplace, I finally got around to the fun part. I chose to go with the simple yet classic choice of white paint. I was planning on getting a white TV stand so I wanted to be able to draw the room together by correlating the two. With the help of my helpful hardware store employee, I chose an interior, gloss paint with primer that could stand up to the heat of a fire. Since I had sanded the fireplace, I found that it really only needed one coat of paint. Small mercies I guess.

After a total of about 7 hours (cleanup included), I finally had my updated and modern fireplace! DIY Success.





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