The Whiskey Cat

Whiskey – lovingly (or not so lovingly) referred to as Whiskey Boo Boo, Whiskey Bitch, Boo Boo, or Boo Boo Bear – is our beautiful blue eyed kitty who occasionally acts like a demon child. She often behaves more like a dog than a cat… She comes when called. Follows us around faithfully. Will occasionally fetch the only toy she will play with, Teddy, which is actually a fluffy purple mouse. And loves to ride in the car.

She runs the house and refuses to let us have the doors closed. She loves going outside, but will only do so when we are home so that she can go in and out continuously. Our AC bill is awesome. She only deigns to be pet when she wants to, and the only person who can hold her is Andy.

She is probably the most vain cat you will ever come across. She seems to magically appear in almost all of our pictures and you will often find her being gushed over by the neighbors. All they have to say is “wow, what a beautiful cat!” or “oh, look at those beautiful eyes”  and they are her new favorite peeps.

Whiskey enjoys traveling to the beach house and lake house. She likes climbing trees, pretending to chase after animals, and annoying the neighbor dogs. She rules our house – so it is only fitting that she’s a headliner on this blog.


photo3 photo1

photo 5



photo 11 photo 55

photo 22

photo 44


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