Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures

DIY projects come in all shapes and sizes. While this one was relatively easy and simple, I love the character and uniqueness it added to our house.

I LOVE pictures. Before the iPhone revolution, I always had the Cadillac of pocket cameras (remember when a 4MP digital camera was just AMAZING?!). I have albums full of pictures from my college years just chilling on my computer. Although I’ve slowed down considerably since those days, with my iPhone always in hand, I still seem to have way too many pictures to know what to do with.

One of my favorite projects are custom photo/ticket collages. I have made several large ones for my jam band loving brother, but for myself, I decided to go the football route. I tend to save most of my UGA football tickets, so I decided to pair some of the tickets from my favorite games with some tailgating pictures. Take the design to hobby lobby and have a custom mat made and ta-da! You have a custom made collage that is unique and an eye-catcher and you have successfully utilized saved tickets and displayed some great pictures that would otherwise be spending eternity in your computer and facebook.

collage collage2

Another simple decorating fix I chose to use is the so called picture wall. Target has really improved their frame collection, so I was able to make a one stop shop to get all these frames. I chose to do a collage of Andy/Trish pics for the middle, but focused on family in the surrounding pictures. Again, simple yet stunning.

picture wall


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