The Miracle Whiskey

My first post about the feline fondly known as Whiskey Boo Boo is a traumatic one. As I mentioned in the “About” page, Whiskey often travels with us to the lake and beach. She is generally a very good car rider – minus all of the fur she always manages to shed in the car.

She especially loves going to our beach house and Memorial Day weekend was no different. The trip was fabulous and we all had a great time – however, disaster struck on the way home. Andy was driving my car back to Atlanta with my brother Joe and his girlfriend Courtney in the backseat. I had always wondered what would happen if we got in a wreck with Boo Boo in car… And on that day, I unfortunately got to find out.

The wreck was definitely out of a horrible nightmare. On the way home from the beach in the pouring rain on a very trafficky I-16, my car hydroplaned out of control, turned 90 degrees, and slammed through three small trees in the median before coming to rest sideways.

The trees impacted the passenger side of my vehicle and tore it up pretty well. However, the mud and trees kept the car from flipping or continuing into oncoming traffic. All four of us (Andy, Joe, Courtney, and I) were completely uninjured and walked away without a bruise or scratch.

However, my beautiful kitten Whiskey managed to jump out the back broken window and run away to hide in the pouring rain and ridiculous traffic.

The police officer refused to allow us to look for her, as three other accidents happened while people were gawking at my car (there is a reason gawking like an idiot is dangerous people). My car was towed, but my some miracle was still drivable. We were forced by the lovely (note my sarcasm) police officer to leave the scene (and my Boo Boo) and he was oh so kind enough to drop us off at a gas station in the middle of bumble f*ck Georgia. We had to wait for a friend from Savannah to come to our rescue and drive us to where my car had been towed. 

After my mom had circled back to pick up Joe and Courtney, Andy and I managed to get back to the scene of the accident. This was two hours after the accident and we really had very little hope of finding my sweet, albeit slightly bitchy, kitten. After about an hour and a half of walking up and down both sides of I-16 and the median, trudging through mud and grass that hadn’t seen a lawn mower in months, we were about to give up hope. 

However, God finally answered my prayers in the form of a very weak meow/squeak. Four hours after the wreck, I found a scared, wet, and bedraggled Whiskey under a bush across I-16 from where the wreck happened. She was uninjured. God was definitely watching over us and protecting us – and while my cat may be down one life and my Yukon looks horrible, it held up amazingly well.

Thank God for American engineering and GMC Yukons. All I have to say is – you should see the other guy! (AKA the three trees my car trampled) We had some amazing friends who came out and helped us on that insanely scary day, and I will forever be thankful for them. 

booboo booboo2



On a happy note, $12,000 (thanks insurance) later, my car is shiny and new again and my Whiskey Boo Boo has completely forgotten her ordeal and has gone back to her normal bitchy self.


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