Utensil Drawer

When Andy and I moved into our new house, we both loved the updated and open kitchen. Obviously it needed some fixes (i.e., the kitchen backsplash), but overall, it was a pretty awesome kitchen.

However, one of the first things we realized while moving in was that the drawer we needed to use for silverware/utensils was too narrow to fit any of the pre-made plastic holders that you would buy at the store. Well, that’s obnoxious.

I remembered that I had seen a pin (sorry for mentioning pinterest Chelsea…) that had a custom made utensil drawer for just this problem. So I looked up the picture and handed my phone to Andy. After a couple of days designing something that would work for us – because, as I’ve mentioned before, Andy can’t do anything without extensive planning first – I came home one day to find this:


He had designed the inserts to get shorter towards the back for easy access… sometimes planning does pay off I guess! Well, and dating a legit rocket scientist. So simple, yet it adds so much to our kitchen. Thanks baby!


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