Citronella Whiskey Bottle Candles

As Andy was just sitting here singing “Andy had a good idea… Andy had a good idea” I probably have to give credit for this project directly to him.

Here are the supplies we used for this project…

imagephoto 1

photo 1         photo 2

As you can see, while I was trying to look up plans, Andy just went ahead and designed his own. Over achiever…

photo 4

We bought the tiki torch fluid, wicks, and copper pipe couplers at our local Ace Hardware for around $7 total per candle. Not too bad! After that, we went ahead and used the original corks that came with the whiskey to hold the wicks. We used a Ryobi drill press to carefully drill holes through the center of the corks to put the wicks through.

photo 2         photo 1 photo 3 photo 4

I even made Andy let me use the drill press to do the second cork – something he was definitely not thrilled about. So little faith! It, of course, came out perfectly. Why does he ever doubt my abilities?

photo 5         photo 3

Whiskey Boo Boo of course had to come see what was up and interrupt my photo shoot…

photo 5         photo 4

And wala!! Citronella Whiskey Bottle Candles! Take that you nasty mosquitoes!

photo 2        photo (5)


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