UGA Cooler

So, some of y’all may know that while my day job is lawyering, I night light as an artist. When I feel like it. I typically draw charcoal portraits, but occasionally I dabble in some other arts. While not technically for my house, this was definitely a DIY project that was actually slightly time consuming.

I am a HUGE UGA fan. I was born in Athens, GA. Grew up in Athens, GA. Went to the University of Georgia. And now have season tickets to the football games and go home (almost) every home game. So I decided that I needed a cooler that bleeds red and black as much as I do. So, instead of buying a run of the mill UGA cooler, I decided to paint one!

I bought just a standard cooler from Walmart. It wasn’t even red, it was blue. In hindsight, that was a bad idea… but what can I say, this was my first cooler. So, I had to first paint the ENTIRE cooler red, black, and silver… Then, I just went ham sandwich on this thing. (And yes, this was all done free handed).

IMG_6839 IMG_6841

Can you say Glory, Glory to Ole Georgia?!


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