While I currently choose not to hang any of my own art in my house, it gives me a lot of pride to know that several of my loved ones do. My great grandfather, Paul F. Seavey, was an amazing portrait artist. He has had paintings hanging in the White House – but fortunately most remain within my family.


Within his descendants, only my grandfather, my brother and I inherited this talent for art. While my grandfather and my brother are better at more technical, engineering type drawings, I followed a little more closely in my great grandfather’s footsteps with portraits. However, while he was primarily oil, I am primarily charcoal.

I tend to have a love hate relationship with art. While I have an abundance of natural talent (not to pat myself on the back here), most of my skills are self taught – school art teachers never challenged me much. I am unrealistically OCD when it comes to my art. Because I am an imitationalist, I am often unsatisfied if I see any deviance between my art and reality. Therefore, I tend to keep my art projects limited to avoid the frustration I develop. That being said, I have accumulated quite a portfolio over the years. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into how my art is helping decorate others’ homes.


(Wayne and baby Avery)


(Me at my lake house)

     art7       art3

 (My nephews)

 art4       art5

art6            art16

(My sister and her baby Caleb)

 art8      art9 art12

(Amber’s Boudoir Portrait) art11 art10

(Tennessee Mountains in Fall)


(My super handsome nephews!)

 art14      art15

 (My best friend Ashley and her Daddy)

On a side note, Andy’s family is much more artistic than mine and they are all amazing artists – even Andy. Although he draws much more like my brother with that engineering exactness. So I get to look forward to my children being better than us both… I’m not so sure how I feel about this.



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