Basement Storage

You can never have too much storage. Especially if you live in an old house in a city where closet space and storage are rarities. We are somewhat fortunate that our house was renovated back in the 90’s to expand the master bath, closet, and kitchen. I say fortunate, because the extra room is great. I say somewhat because I think they may have just hired some people off the street with no building experience whatsoever to build the addition…. We’ll be paying for that later!

As I’ve mentioned before, when we first bought the house, Andy quickly claimed the basement as his man cave. And after the seller finished having the structure support fixed in the basement, Andy went to work turning it into exactly what he wanted.

Andy’s man cave is a mix of cement floors and plastic covered packed earth. But it is relatively large and packed full of tools, equipment, and the typical random paraphernalia.

When my best friend broke up with her boyfriend and moved out of his place, she needed a place to store a lot of her belongings while she searched for a new apartment.  Andy and I were more than happy to volunteer our basement to save her money. Even better? The need for extra storage space prompted Andy to design and build a huge shelving area for one section of our basement.

I wish I had a before and after picture, because these shelves completely cleared out the basement. I came home to find Andy actually trying out the shelves by laying  across one like it was a bunk bed… This should give you an idea of the size. Andy is not a small man. Who knew that volunteering to store my friends belongings would turn into such a motivational event?! And these wooden shelves are much stronger that the wire or plastic shelves you would find at the store. Thanks Andy!

shelf shelf2



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