So it’s definitely been a minute since my last post. October and November are always crazy for me – lots of work conferences and lots of South Eastern Conference football! I feel like Andy and I haven’t been at home for more than a day in 3 months. But finally (FINALLY) we are starting to get back into the rhythm and are getting some much needed projects finished! Yay!

One of the biggest projects on our list since we moved in to our house last year has been electrical. Now note, I kind of like my house standing and not burnt down, so even though my sweet heart is a fabulous aerospace engineer, I went ahead and hired an engineer of the electrical variety to help with this large project.

Biggest on my list was the bathroom. Oh my goodness – what a mess. The previous owner had installed these crappy, non-illuminating LED track lights instead of true vanity lights. They did not illuminate the bathroom at all, and produced just enough light to blind me whenever I tried to put on makeup (not that I go out of my way to put on makeup a lot). Disaster.

The lights always hesitated a good 5 seconds to come on, which is actually pretty annoying. Finally, the light fixture just seemed to crap out. Part annoyance part blessing. It finally kicked us into action and I looked up good electricians on Yelp. I ended up calling Cameron Electric, and let me tell you, Steven (our electrician) did a great job! He was super friendly, prompt, and very helpful. Here are some pictures of what we were working with… (note the picture of the light is actually an identical light in another room – we took down the busted one in the bathroom before I could snap a picture)

photo 1

photo 2 photo 4

We ran into a couple of dilemmas pretty quickly… #1 – the space between the mirror frame and the molding was not big enough to fit a normal vanity light fixture. Darn. #2 – our super awesome 90’s crap job that is the back half of our house, including the bathroom, doesn’t have crawl space. So there is no way to reroute the wiring without opening the ceiling. Double darn.

So, onto plan C. I went to a nearby lighting store called Masterpiece Lighting. They have an excellent selection of ceiling lights which is what I had decided we were going to need. Here is what I ended up picking out…

photo 5

photo 6

Because of the lack of crawl space, are electrician was going to have to reroute from outside – a process which was going to take a couple extra hours that he did not have. So instead of leaving of us (literally) int he dark for the next week, he went ahead and attached the base with light bulbs to the ceiling and plugged it into the outlet. Super beautiful, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers! Let there be light! (Note: the wall is just getting prettier and prettier)

photo 7

We had planned on putting at least one recessed light above the shower, however, we quickly realized that this lamp was going to produce all the light we needed. Especially since we plan on putting a glass panel instead of a shower curtain when we finally get the money to redo the rest of the bathroom!

Fast forward a couple weeks later, and I finally managed to repair the wall with some putty and paint and Andy fixed the mirror frame. And wa la! A great looking, relatively easy fix for our bathroom. the new light fixture has added much needed light, and I can finally put my makeup on in my master bath!

 photo 10photo 9

photo 11


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