Andy’s Closet

Andy and I had a very productive weekend and I couldn’t be more excited to share what we accomplished!

Our house is technically a three bedroom two bath house. However, one of the bedrooms is very small and attached to our bedroom with a double door. It would make a perfect nursery, but don’t get too excited, because unfortunately I doubt it will ever be used as such while we live there!

When we first moved in, I immediately took out the double doors. There was simply not enough room for two doors to swing open. We decided to use this room as our all-purpose room primarily functioning as an office/Andy’s closet. Because let’s face it – there was no way I was sharing my closet!

As usual, I forgot to take a complete before picture, but I at least remembered to take one before I got too far along… This is Andy’s “closet” after all of his hanging clothes had been removed.

photo 1

As you can see, this thing was nasty. Hundreds of t-shirts were haphazardly piled on top of a white shelf, random (and old) paraphernalia was tucked into every little nook and cranny shelf that was hidden behind the walls, and before I removed them, shirts and pants were hanging in total disarray. Basically, it was a disaster zone and I am quite impressed that Andy even managed to find a complete work outfit every day.

My first task was to clear the area. So I removed all of the hanging clothes and belts, and then forced Andy to go through all of his t-shirts with me. In the end we managed to fill 2 big trash bags! Pretty impressive how many shirts he had managed to hoard that did not even fit him anymore. He still had high school swim shirts! This is what our room looked like while we were completing our early spring cleaning.


photo 3

And as usual, our two furry children refused to be left out of all the fun… This is about as close as they get to each other folks.

photo 4

After the cleansing process was over, I decided the ugly grey walls inside the closet space needed to go.

photo 2

I decided to go with a clean white paint, something that would keep the clutter-y look to a minimum. Luckily, we had a can of white paint in the basement that I figured would do the trick. Money saved! Even though paint always has primer in it now, I went ahead and used a can of previously purchased primer to lighten the entire area. I figured this was going to be a multiple layer paint job, and I didn’t want to have to purchase more paint!

photo 1 (2)I definitely made the right decision, because I came down to the wire with paint – but thankfully, I got it done and the closet space looked so much better!

photo 4 (2)

I had thought long and hard about the best way to organize this space. The space itself is not much of a closet, so I wanted to go ahead and install a closet system. but have y’all ever looked up the closet systems at places like IKEA or The Container Store?!? These run upwards of $1000. Way above my max price for this project! And if those were too expensive, a custom closet would be even further out of reach. Andy and I discussed building the closet ourselves, but Andy was working on a basement project (too be posted soon) and frankly, as an engineer and lawyer, we have very little spare time to build, so custom built projects end up taking us weeks. This was a project I wanted to get done in a day or two.

So to Home Depot I go! And I think I came back with a very good alternative…

photo 2 (2)

While maybe not the cheapest option, at $150 dollars, this unit was way more in my price range. I also purchased two drawers to install for $50 each. Since I didn’t have to purchase any paint, my total costs for this project totaled just over $275 with taxes. And I happily used the Home Depot gift card my dad gave for Christmas, bringing the out of pocket expenses to just over $100. Not bad! Thanks Dad!

Even though this is Andy’s closet, this was my project, so I tackled almost everything alone. While my arms were still recovering from all the painting I attempted to rip into the Closetmaid package. Easier said then done. Opening this box was by far the hardest part of this entire build! But my tenacity finally won out. And while it may not have been pretty… who cares.

photo 3 (2)

After that, the building was relatively easy. I wish the boards had been labeled with stickers, but it was not too difficult to figure out what was what. I quickly built the main structure, and with Andy’s help we got both pieces mounted in the correct position and attached to the wall stud. These things aren’t going anywhere. We hung three rods, two on the left and one on the right. And even though we weren’t quite done, Andy then proceeded to stuff the closet full of his clothes again. I think I now understand why it was so messy in the first place…

photo 5

But regardless, already looking a lot better than it did!

Sunday morning I built both drawers while Andy attached the sliders to the inside of the bottom shelf. We added the trim work, one shelf to the bottom, and the drawers. As you can see in the picture above, Woody’s kennel has been in the middle of the room since we got him, so I wanted to rearrange to find a better place for him. After a much needed pickup and thorough cleaning, I think we finally have this room looking good! While we were missing two screws, I highly recommend this Closetmaid unit. It is sturdy, easy to build, and looks great! Check out the finished product…

photo 1 (3) photo 3 (3) photo 2 (3)

That is what I call a weekend well spent! And I burned lots of calories along the way 😉


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