Guest Bathroom

So this was a quick and easy DIY fix. Or would have been if I hadn’t been so sick that my dizzy self kept messing up… But I got it done.

Our guest bathroom has had an interesting color scheme since we bought it back in 2013. While not at the top of my list when we moved in, I decided it was finally time to do a quick fix. The biggest dilemma was unfortunately not fixed – the vanity. The bathroom vanity is black with a built in yellow countertop/sink. Vanities only cost like $250 at Home Depot – so why would you ever choose to install one with a yellow top?! What made this worse is that the wall was also yellow… yes, it was a yellow vanity on a yellow wall. I guess the previous owner just really liked yellow!

photo 1

While the wall color combination was not in itself horrible, it certainly did not work with the ugly vanity. I don’t have the money or time required to replace the vanity right now, but I decided that I could definitely go ahead and repaint the bathroom a nice neutral color to lighten it up and get rid of that horrible yellow on yellow.

photo 2

Glad I finally got around to fixing this! Check out the new color and let me know what you think! Obviously, the sink is still horrible, but at least it no longer clashes…

photo 3 photo 4 photo 5


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