Lake Porch

This project has been a long time coming. Andy and I, along with Uncle Jef and Dave (Andy’s stepfather), started this project back in February. As you may have learned from the last lake house post, none of the decks were properly built at the lake house as Uncle Jef (the architect and lead builder) was not on-site when they were built. Guess you really have to be on an deck (pardon the pun) supervisor if you want things done right the first time!

As we (obviously) do not live at the lake house – unfortunately – these projects are done sporadically during weekend trips. This one took a little extra time because of the beautiful inlay that Andy designed and made at home, and then transported to the deck for final fittings and prep work.

Here is a picture of the beautiful lake house, better known as Hooligan’s Haven.


First they drew out a general layout on the plywood to get an idea of what they wanted… There may have been some drinking involved with this process.

IMG_9470 IMG_9471  

Next, we had to roll out roofing felt to protect the plywood and deck supports from rotting.


Once that was complete, the men started making the correct cuts and laying the wood. IMG_9479IMG_9483IMG_9484

The cedar trim was screwed in place, outlining the future inlay.


Meanwhile, the peanut gallery is sleeping on the front porch…


Once Andy brought the inlay back to the lake, he had to carefully plane all the boards to ensure that they were the same thickness. Unfortunately, as the pine was much thicker than the inlay, we had to cute around 20 pieces of roofing felt and lay that underneath the inlay to create an even surface.


Once the red oak inlay was fitted and properly in place, Andy used wood plugs that he drilled from red oak scraps from the inlay to cover the screw holes.


Once in place, Andy and I polyurethaned the entire inlay (my suggestion) instead of staining it for a natural and clean finish.

IMG_0378 IMG_0381

The rest of the deck was stained with Cedar Flood.


And wa la!! The deck is finally complete! Stay tuned for a post featuring swing beds 😉IMG_0484 IMG_0485


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