Front Door

Sometimes, some of the best updates to an old house are the simplest ones – like simply painting your front door an exciting new color!

Because I am horrible at taking before pictures, I of course forgot to take one for this. The front door was originally red I believe, but had faded to almost a dark coral color. While not horrible, the door had a few cracks and dings that I wanted to patch up which required a fresh coat of paint afterwards.

I decided to go pretty bold with this new color… and as our house is kind of a natural green/grey color, it had to be something that blended well with this color. I chose to do a light/mid range coral color. But of course, the color was not exactly what I had envisioned (is it ever?) so I had to repaint the door one shade darker. While it was still lighter than originally planned, I think it turned out really great! Check it out —

IMG_0982IMG_0979What do you think about the new color??


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