Drew’s New Table

This post is extra exciting and special for me to write. Drew (better known as Drewbie) is the son of our good friends Jason and Christy Norton. When Drew was almost 2 years old, he was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease. While struggling with many motor delays that have affected his mobility and speech development and multiple weekly physical and occupational therapy sessions, Drew is just your normal adorable happy child.

Now 5,  Drew recently underwent a 7-ish hour surgical procedure called a Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy to help with his spasticity. Over the next year while undergoing extensive physical therapy to regain and hopefully improve his walking ability, Drew will be confined primarily to a wheelchair. This kid is literally a superstar and has already come so far.

As you can tell, Drew’s wheelchair did not quite work with his previous table – so Andy volunteered (or I may have volunteered for him) to build a table for Christmas that would fit Drew perfectly.


Because Andy is incapable of ever taking the easy route, this may be the most amazingly built kid’s table ever. But it was so worth it! Andy basically built a farm style table in miniature and it came out great. Check out the pictures…


And thankfully, the table works perfectly for Drew (with a little room to grow). I really can’t take any credit for this project – Andy did a fabulous job and I am so glad we were able to help this wonderful family out, even in such a small way.

We met the Norton’s this weekend to give them Drew’s new table and I think it’s already getting put to good use! We love you Norton family!



To follow Drew’s journey and recovery, please visit: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/drewnorton

To learn more about’s Drew’s battle with Mitochondrial Disease, please visit: http://mitochondrialdiseases.org/gagivesday-9-drew-norton-one-of-the-many-faces-of-mitochondrial-disease/



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