Front Door Hardware


Our front door was in desperate need of a hardware makeover. After painting the door an awesome coral, and repainting the window trim, door trim, and siding on the front porch, I realized that new hardware needed to be the finishing touch.

The original brass hardware was rusted and peeling, and the “remote control” access had never worked (not that we ever really tried). After removing the original hardware, we were not so surprised that the state of the hardware and door was even worse than we had imagined…

Originally, this was going to be my project, but after I had removed the original hardware, Andy all but pushed me out of the way and took over. Oh well for that.

I bought the Kwikset new handle set from Home Depot (which can be found here) and I have to say that it was really a pretty simple install. I think Andy was a little worried – especially since I surprised him with this project – but it turned out to be very straightforward.

I did have to do some repairs of the door, because, of course, the new handle set was slightly smaller than the old. While it is still not perfect, it is definitely much better than it was before! I also spray painted the original kick board and knocker to complete the look. I used Rust-Oleum metallic spray paint (which can be found here) and they both turned out excellent!

After the paint had dried on the front and back of the door (which took 3 coats = forever!), Andy installed the new handle set…

And WA LA! For less than $150, we have a brand new looking front door!



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