It’s the little things that matter sometimes. I have wanted to replace the curtains that came with the house since we bought it, but unfortunately it was just never at the top of my list. While it is necessary for us to have curtains we can close (or everyone could see our entire house), these curtains were a very dark heavy material that hid our beautiful window and really made the room seem smaller. When opened, they almost completely blocked the two side windows, making the windows seem much smaller than they actually are. IMG_2140

Oh look, we do have a huge window! Look at the difference already…


I wanted to find some curtains that, while still blackout, would lighten up the room and allow us to really enjoy the window. I wanted to be able to actually see the entire window when the curtains are open to really expand the room. And wa la! These curtains really make a huge difference to the space. Luckily, this was a very cheap fix, as I got the curtains on sale on Wayfair and the rod at Target. Got to love cheap and easy!



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