Trish + Andy

We are first time homeowners with a love of bourbon, DIY projects, and sometimes our cat Whiskey and our dog Woodford. Andy and I have been together since 2012 and have recently bought our first house together in a hidden neighborhood in Atlanta proper. Andy is a graduate of the Georgia Tech aerospace/aeronautical engineering program and works in sound and vibrations. Try not to be confused by the GA Tech reference – we all know where his true loyalties lie (see above picture). I am a graduate of the University of Georgia and was born and raised in the great city of Athens. After graduating, I traversed across state to our capital city where I studied law at Emory University. I am currently working as Legal Counsel for the Medical Association of Georgia. 

We now have two furry children, Whiskey and Woodford. I acquired Whiskey (Boo Boo) shortly before meeting Andy. She is a long-haired Siamese/tabby mutt who looks like a pedigree and who acts like a bitch. She can often be found prancing around our street flaunting herself in front of the neighbor dogs. Andy is a self-professed hater of cats… but somehow this little she-devil has him wrapped around her little sharp paw. Don’t be fooled by her beautiful blue blue eyes – she bites.


Woodford is a more recent acquirement. We adopted Woody the weekend after Thanksgiving in 2014. I am not a huge fan of dogs.  They smell, love to lick, and take way too much time  and effort. However, I have to say, with this one we got very lucky! At 4 months old, he is already crate trained, potty trained, sits and lays down on command, and fetches. We’re still working on the whole coming when called trick… His favorite pastime is annoying the hell out of his big sister Whiskey.


I first developed my love of whiskey (the alcohol) as a sophomore at UGA. It started out pretty standard – Jack and coke. After attending my first Kentucky Derby race and sampling the earthly ambrosia known as Woodford Reserve, my friends and I decided to take the scenic route home. Namely, the Bourbon Trail. And my love of bourbon – and disdain for Jack – was born. While Andy enjoys his craft beers, our love for good bourbon is mutual. So, while we tackle our time consuming house renovations, we often share a finger (or five) of bourbon.

This blog is meant to track our house owning adventures as we delve into the world of DIY renovations with plenty of whiskey on the side.


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