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Bourbon Family Tree

As someone who has gone to many of these distilleries, and sampled even more of these bourbons, I found this article on the Bourbon Family Tree very informative and interesting. Check it out!



Kitchen Shelf

It’s finally done! This has by far been one of the biggest projects we’ve taken on and I’m so excited that it is finally done and looking amazing!

As you may remember from my last post (Kitchen Wall), this is what our kitchen looked like when we first moved in… cracked wainscoting and a weird granite table that was awkward and an inadequate use of the space.


So, Andy and I decided to completely renovate this area and design a shelf that would fit perfectly – using the space more efficiently by adding shelving and opening up the kitchen.

My inspiration for this project came from Ana-White Easy Kitchen Island Plans. While our kitchen is not designed in a way applicable to a kitchen island, I decided that this island could be modified to fit the space perfectly and serve as a type of shelf.

So Andy and I hit the drawing board.


We wanted to design a shelf that was the exact length of the window but with a very narrow depth to free up space in the kitchen.

We went to Home Depot to get the pine for the body of the table. We got the finished wood so we would have to only do minimal sanding and prepping. Then we went to Hardwoods Incorporated. Man this was by far my favorite part. So many different varieties of hardwood to choose from (they even had Zebrawood)! I could have stayed there all day! I eventually settled on a beautiful 2 1/2 inch thick piece of Red Oak for the top.

Let the building begin! This was a very drawn out and tediously slow process for us. Not only did we have very limited time to work on it, Andy and I are both perfectionists and newbies to the DIY building game.


IMG_8873 IMG_8899

Our first visual of what the finished product would look like…

IMG_8922 IMG_8921

Lots of painting and sanding…


And finally, the finishing touches. The Red Oak was slightly warped, so Andy decided to buy an electric planer to ensure an even and smooth surface. We used Shellac to finish and protect the wood.

IMG_9126 IMG_9168

Once we got to this point, we needed to go ahead and completely finish the wall so we could put everything in place. We filled the gap under the window with wood and the gap between the wall and tile with Great Stuff Gaps and Cracks Insulating Foam Sealant to ensure adequate insulation and to keep the roaches out… I HATE roaches. After that we installed the molding and wa la! Imperfections fixed! I also painted the entire window frame in order to spruce that up some.

IMG_9165 IMG_9166 IMG_9182

AND FINALLY! What you have all been waiting for (OK, maybe only me and Andy), the shelf has been finished and is finally in place! Wow this was a long process, but I think the results were totally worth it.

IMG_9220 IMG_9221

And because Whiskey Boo Boo couldn’t be left out…

IMG_9227 IMG_9230

Another successful DIY project!



Citronella Whiskey Bottle Candles

As Andy was just sitting here singing “Andy had a good idea… Andy had a good idea” I probably have to give credit for this project directly to him.

Here are the supplies we used for this project…

imagephoto 1

photo 1         photo 2

As you can see, while I was trying to look up plans, Andy just went ahead and designed his own. Over achiever…

photo 4

We bought the tiki torch fluid, wicks, and copper pipe couplers at our local Ace Hardware for around $7 total per candle. Not too bad! After that, we went ahead and used the original corks that came with the whiskey to hold the wicks. We used a Ryobi drill press to carefully drill holes through the center of the corks to put the wicks through.

photo 2         photo 1 photo 3 photo 4

I even made Andy let me use the drill press to do the second cork – something he was definitely not thrilled about. So little faith! It, of course, came out perfectly. Why does he ever doubt my abilities?

photo 5         photo 3

Whiskey Boo Boo of course had to come see what was up and interrupt my photo shoot…

photo 5         photo 4

And wala!! Citronella Whiskey Bottle Candles! Take that you nasty mosquitoes!

photo 2        photo (5)

So Much Bourbon

So – after examining our rather large stash of bourbon, Andy and I have decided that we need to start over to give our accurate impressions. I know, tough life right? We (and by we, I mean Andy) have decided that we also need to up our bourbon knowledge by investing in a couple of books. Obviously Andy doesn’t trust my expert knowledge garnered from my one trip on the Bourbon Trail 6 years ago… I can’t imagine why.

To give y’all an idea of how much work we have ahead of us, I am posting this as my Bourbon pre-post. Cheers!



The Bourbon

Bourbon and I have had some good times and some bad. But at the end of a long day, I seem to only be able to remember the good. There is nothing quite like sitting down after a long day of work with a glass of delicious rich bourbon on the rocks by your side.

My love for bourbon began predictably. In college I started drinking Jim Beam or Jack Daniels (yes, I know, not technically bourbon) with coca cola (NEVER PEPSI). From there I started to develop taste buds.

My first foray into real bourbon began at the Kentucky Derby. This is where I had my first taste of Woodford Reserve. And boy was I hooked after that! To this day Woodford remains one of my all time favorites.


(2013 Christmas presents)

After the races, my friends and I decided to take the scenic route home and explore the Bourbon Trail. First stop – Jim Beam. Now, if you are not a bourbon fanatic like I was not at time, you may think that the Jim Beam distillery makes only one line of bourbon… Jim Beam. However, like I was about to learn, you would be wrong. Jim Beam makes a plethora of delicious top of the line bourbons, for example: Elijiah Craig, Bookers, Bakers, Knob Creek, and my personal favorite Basil Hayden.

2862_760233967920_7444246_n 2862_760234037780_3719299_n

(Jim Beam Distillery circa 2009)

From there, our journey took us to Heaven Hill, distiller of Evan Williams among others.


(Heaven Hill  Distillery circa 2009)

And onward to Maker’s Mark…


(Maker’s Mark Distillery circa 2009)

There, sadly, our Bourbon Trail journey ended; however, my love for bourbon never would. Throughout our house renovations, good bourbon, just like Whiskey (cat), will always be our helping hand. So as I post about our DIY projects and house renos, I will occasionally post about the different bourbons that are helping keep us sane throughout this journey.

P.S. I just discovered this amazing article entitled “Behind Every Good Whisky Is a Trusty Distillery Cat” written by Ari Shapiro and posted on Check it out!